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Hide your IP address to hide your internet traffic and the real location
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The IP is a unique number assigned to a computer or to a device. It allows identifying that device on a network or on the Internet, but it can also be used to track back to user’s location and even find out data about his/her real-life identity. IPs can also be used to impose access restrictions to a user based on the geographical location or on other criteria.

IP Hider Pro is a powerful application that lets you solve any IP-related issues you may encounter. It does that simply by concealing your real IP and replacing it with a fake one, thus enabling you to navigate any web site anonymously and prevent having your online identity tracked, hacked, or even stolen. This cool utility also lets you choose the location where the fake IP is assigned from the list of France, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, UK, USA, Portugal and Sweden. IP Hider Pro can also automatically change the assigned fake IP at predefined time intervals. Manually changing it whenever you desire is, of course, also possible. Furthermore, IP Hider Pro can filter the applications (browsers, messengers, etc.) that will have their traffic re-directed through the fake ID. Last but not least, this application can also encrypt all the traffic so that your ISP, network administrators, or other third-parties cannot track you at all. As you can see, IP Hider Pro is quite comprehensive and feature-rich. Anyway, this doesn’t mean it isn’t also easy-to-use. On the contrary, the neat and intuitive interface makes using this application a breeze.

To conclude, IP Hider Pro manages to be both feature-rich and easy-to-use, and that should be enough to convince you that this IP masking tool is clearly worth at least a try.

Margie Smeer
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  • Neat and simple-to-use
  • Can filter which apps should redirect their traffic
  • Affordable
  • It can automatically change the IP at certain time intervals


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